Product Description

It is high performance-locking type differential gear oil with specially developed formulations that control the friction coefficient as well as the high-tech solid and high-pressure (EP) properties far differential operating according to the limited slip principle. It was designed to meet the requirements of flawless operation and optimum performance in the most difficult conditions and during large temperature fluctuations.

Feature and Benefits

  • Exceptional friction, generating a durable lubricating layer, shows effective limited slip performance and adapts to disc friction it prevents noise and vibration even under heavy use.
  • Thanks to its excellent thermal and oxidation stability, it prevents deposits of sediment and harmful acidic deposits and increases the operating efficiency of the system.
  • High speed/low torque and low speed/high torque operating under shock and normal gear and hypoid gear systems provide effective protection against wear.
  • Excellent viscosity offers high film strength and maximum protection thanks to its temperature behavior.
  • it provides long service life by keeping rust, corrosion and foam forma­ tion under control with its specially developed formula.
  • Thanks to compatibility with seals in the system, it minimizes the risk of oil leakage and provides less oil consumption during use.